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Get Instagram Feed Data without Code

Ever had to access Instagram API and had to go through the confusing facebook docs, I have seen a friend go through the Facebook docs for hours and still not able to get it working. We need an easier way to access Instagram API, it could be to embed it on our portfolio or basically to do anything with it.


Me trying to understand Facebook docs.

So yeah, this is exactly what we are trying to solve with InstaFeedAPI, no need to go through the confusing docs or read every single thing and pass weird parameters with no explanation to get your own feed.

So we have read the docs for you & we have done it the right way, all you need is the token for your Instagram account and that's it (literally). You just paste it in our dashboard and get an API.

What are we doing today?

  1. Get your Instagram Long-lived token
  2. Fill a two-step form
  3. Voila, you have an Instagram feed API ready.

Get the token

1. Make a Facebook app

Open Facebook Developer portal

If you're doing this for the first time, join the FB developers portal by logging in.

Click on Get Started on top -> Verify your account

After clicking on Create App, click on "For Everything Else" from the popup. Give your App a Name.

Instagram APP

2. Add Instagram Testers

Now select Instagram from the set of Facebook products, as we want the Instagram feed.

You will be taken to an agreement page, select Basic Display from the sidebar click on Create App, give it a name again and you will now be seeing the Instagram developer console.

Scroll down and you will be able to see a section called User Token Generator & Click on Add or Remove Instagram Testers.

Add Tester

Scroll down and add the Instagram username of whose feed you want in the API, this only works for accounts that are set as public and you will not be able to access private accounts.

Let's add our own account username and accept the testing invite by accessing this link

Once done come back to the Facebook developer portal, open your app, click on Basic Display and click Generate Token.

You now have finally generated an Instagram access token, keep this somewhere aside.

Video Tutorial about getting Token

Insta Feed API.

So, all you have to do is create an account in and give yourself a username.

Setup Account

Click on Create Instagram API button, once done you will be seeing a form like below, just give your API a name and enter your Instagram token.

Make API

Your API will be listed and you can create more APIs with different accounts if you like.

Click on the API and there you have it an API endpoint which will return you a list of your Instagram feed in a clean JSON format.

InstaFeedAPI docs

You can also pass limit, before & after parameters to our endpoint to have quick filters.

Pricing Page:

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Griffin Johnston

For people looking to do this in 2022, try my SaaS: - it let's you get user or hashtag posts as JSON with just a couple clicks. There are paid tiers, but the basic level is free. Much better than the madness of Meta's API red tape.

madza profile image

Stuff you do with APIs is incredible 🔥🔥

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Mohd Danish

Thanks :)

templates profile image

Nice and detailed tutorial

fajarsiddiq profile image
Fajar Siddiq

Interesting tutorial 🤔 what should i build with instagram feed with the api?

mddanishyusuf profile image
Mohd Danish

You can embed feed in your portfolio website.

systemateur profile image

Thanks Mohd,
can you please tell me what is the request limits of this api please. is it unlimited or the opposite?

mddanishyusuf profile image
Mohd Danish

Yes, you can call unlimited.

mikaleb profile image

Little something : can you add a debounce on the register form on the email field ? The rule is immediately showing an error even when i didn't finished writting my email

henriquegieseke profile image

I'm learning to program and I don't understand how I connect this API endpoint to an instagram acc. Can anyone link a tutorial about that, please?

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