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Matthew Peck-Deloughry
Matthew Peck-Deloughry

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Keep motivation to work on personal projects outside of work?

I wanted to have a small thread where (hopefully) the community can put their tips and tricks on how to stay motivated after a full day of work (in a programming industry or not).

I personally suffer from this quite a lot, especially as I've gotten older, the procrastination side of me or the mental block kicks in quite frequently.

Now I'm not saying if you have had a hard day at work and are mentally drained you should force yourself to work on personal stuff, don't do that! That's a fast track to burnout!

My tip to keep focused on personal projects is to try working in/with a community. You don't need to work on a group project but just being in a community that can help you, inspire you, show off too or even hold you accountable for watching Netflix for 5 hours straight instead of spending at least an hour programming.

Anyone else got other tips? please share, as I'd personally love some new tips and also think we'd all benefit​ from it.

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