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English Resources For Developers

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Whether we like it or not, learning English as its popularity and being Universal Language, is essential for us, according to my experience, my productivity and learning speed increased by +4x when I improved my English; Yeah! that was a huge impact on me in order to understand programming and learning new technologies.

Most programming languages' syntax (code), documentations and almost everything that is related to programming is dependent on English.

In this article I'm going to share great resources so as to enhance your English speaking, reading etc. Well I started by taking courses and going to class but in this article I try to encourage you that you can learn English easily by yourself.

Have a goal in mind

When you start learning, it is so important to have specific purpose in your mind, thanks to our career there is enough reasons to make us improve our English, being excited and motivated for learning is important because there are times of anxiety, worries, impatience to bother you and stop you!

For example : have in mind that if you want to become/stay an excellent and influential developer you should do this, you need to communicate with foreign clients so if you can't speak how you can get that project?

Now if your purpose is strong enough, take this

When you feel like giving up, remember why you started.

Daily activity

Yes we all read and write English everyday, what about speaking? do we speak everyday? most of non-native developers have this problem due to their country culture or language; that is where it becomes tricky...

We know ways like : speaking with ourselves and try to remember meaning of materials around us on our free time, but it won't always work!

What I say is spending at least for 15 minutes and speak about anything that you would love to speak; have you read an amazing article lastly? so seat down and record your voice speak about it, try to summarize it and go on.

If you wonder what you can do daily for at least 15m, watch this amazing video :

1 Simple trick to become fluent in english


I don't wanna share whatever I could find on the internet for learning English, these are the greatest ones that have been so useful to me.

Vannesa is my favourite english teacher on youtube, in fact the best one.

Vannesa: speak english with me

English lab is also very great.

Learning english lab

When I'm going out, turn on my bbc learning english podcasts and listen to new lessons, and that is fantastic.

BBC Learning English

Ted talks is also one my of favorites, as the speakers mostly talk in a funny way and also their accent is so clear.

Ted Talks

You should listen to Syntax podcasts, Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski talk about programming trends; not only you improve your english, but also you get more insights about programming and how to code better.

Finally, test your English every month and watch out your progress.

Test English Website


These are the best resources that I use daily, I didn't want to make a list of resources and make you confused, there are already articles and long lists of English resources that most of them are not really good or event not usable.

So what about you? how you improve your English? do you know good resources to learn? please share them and let others take advantage too.

Looking for more specific resources? try this

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