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A playlist for the sophisticated Software Engineer


It's cheesy, it's not 100% dev related - but here's my take on a #devmotivation playlist on Spotify.

Featuring hits like...

  • "(git) Push it to the limit"
  • "Highway to (dependency) Hell"
  • "I still haven't found what I'm looking for"

and last but not least: "Break Stuff".


The 'rona made me experience working full-remote first hand for a couple of weeks now. Nevertheless I'm really blessed for still having a job (and first of all still being healthy ofc), I was getting sick of all my old, well-known music playlists rather quick.

Since I joined my new team, I started the ritual of playing "Push it to the limit" (yes, the theme song of the movie "Scarface") while git push-ing the last commit of a finished hotfix or feature branch. Even though it never really was the last commit (because my branch didn't pass code review flawlessly, or I missed adding a changelog entry), it always put a smile on the faces of my co-workers. So I thought: time for a playlist.

I always listen to DnB or some other fast paced, passive-aggressive music during debugging sessions - to channel my anger on squashing even the last of those nasty, little bugs. This playlist has a different vibe.

If you have suggestions for tracks I could add, let me know!

Thanks for reading, I hope you all stay safe and forget about the current struggles of the world for a second while listening.


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