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GameOff #2 - first 3d models and initial scripts

A few days ago, we started doing a game for GameOff 2021 from GitHub as a team of three. The next day, two more people joined us, and now our team is five people! Since I don't know if they want to be mentioned here, you will see creators note in the final game.

So far, we have models of two first enemies: ant and bee, basic environmental elements such as tree, present, sugarcane and snowman. First version of music based on popular christmas song was also composed. Moreover, smooth camera, basic player and enemy controllers are done, so the game is already playable, even if not perfect ;p

You can see the current progress on the video:

And the repository:

GitHub logo pilotpirxie / die-bug

Small game made for GameOff 2021


Small game made for GameOff 2021

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