How to move from C# to Java?

meatboy profile image Meat Boy ・1 min read

Like in the title, do you have any advice? I am a beginner in C# with about a year of experience and just a few projects. With Java, I don't have any skills at all. Daily I am React & Node developer from few years. What resources for learning you recommend?


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I had the same problem starting of the year. Having worked for a few years with C#, switching to Java was a smooth transition, I mainly use Spring Boot with Lombok, which allows me to avoid writing a lot of boilerplate code. Besides LinQ and Entity Framework that I miss very much, all the business logic code is really similar. There are a few cool sites like Baeldung or SpringFramework Guru that have some helpful tutorials but don't take everything for granted. Really take your time researching how to do the tasks properly and with best practices in mind.



Pluralsight is free all of April, start here and see how that goes. Do there Role IQ test and Language IQ tests to see where you fall short.