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Career meetups in March: Take the next step

We’re here with March’s most popular career related videos. Roll up your sleeves and check them out now to give your career a boost.

Business Storytelling: How to Engage Audience and Win Them Over in Your Career | Shalini Chaudhari

Business storytelling is a powerful means to get your message across in an effective and authentic way. It also ensures your audience remembers it long after the presentation. Anyone who needs to engage with and present to an audience should watch this talk.

Unleash your inner CTO! | Rob Crowley

Take an in-depth look at what it takes to create an adaptive technology strategy including metrics, team topologies and evolutionary architecture practices. Let’s explore how to build feedback loops into your organisation’s technology decisions and ensure that its architecture is an accelerator rather than an inhibitor of business agility. By the end of the session, you will not only understand what is involved in creating a data-informed technology strategy but also have the knowledge to put it into practice.

How to Accelerate Your Learning Journey with a Coding Buddy that aids your career | Isabella Hoesch

Teaching yourself to code can be extremely lonely and inefficient! Shifting into tech and staying up-to-date in tech requires you to constantly learn new things, no matter how far along you are in your coding career. Join this informative session about collaboration-based learning and why more and more coders choose to share their learning journey with a buddy! Plus learn how you can be matched with a coding buddy through an exciting matching program.

Why You Should Not Become A Software Developer In 2022 | Erik Hanchett

Erik Hanchett reflects on Jarvis Johnson’s video on why not choose a software developer career. He gives you his honest advice and whether you should become a developer or not.

The Courage To Be Uniquely You | Nicole C. Calhoun

Sometimes people struggle with where they are in life. They struggle with the roles they play, being frustrated that they didn’t get the promotion or the raise or even the recognition. Deep dive into how a women can be successful in a field full of men and challenges. Becoming like one of the guys is not the solution, the solution is having the courage to be uniquely you.

Salary Negotiations During a Pandemic | Yan Fan & Eri Ochiai

Salary negotiation is a tricky subject. If you have always been nervous or scared about negotiating your salary, this talk is for you. In it, Yan will go over strategies and processes for salary negotiation and give you the confidence to make that ask in the future.

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