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My Experience at Codeland 2019


This year I decided to attend the Codeland conference which did not disappoint! I have been to other conferences and this was by far the most fun and inclusive one. Talks were filled with laughs and fun. We learned how we can apply programming to solving everyday problems and taking it further by creating apps that can save lives. We also received a lot of goodies from the conference such as shirts, mugs, stickers and a whole bunch of other things that we can show off.

The conference was great for new comers and veterans alike. I felt so comfortable telling others that I am a student and not feeling like I have to be an expert. They offered workshops for all levels which made everything less intimidating but still challenging. My workshop of choice was 'Building with accessibility in mind' by Luisa Morales. It was eye opening because it showed me that I could be doing more to make my website and projects more accessible.

I was so happy to see other Flatiron students who usually attend remote study groups with me! It was great to bond with them and talk about the next steps of our coding journey. I also had the chance to see Saron Yitbarek who is the CEO and founder of CodeNewbie and also put together this amazing conference. She is someone who I look up to for inspiration and motivation on a daily basis. I was a little starstruck.

Key Takeaways

  • Keep Building things that you are passionate about
  • We have special abilities that others don't, so use them for something bigger than yourself
  • Accessibility should be the standard when building apps
  • Don't be afraid to approach people (they're awesome!)
  • Keep the user in mind when building
  • Would definitely attend again!
  • Make the world a better place with programming :)

If you saw me at the conference and have any questions feel free to message me or follow me on twitter @meisuleen!

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All of the tweets and photos and videos from the conference looked sooo good! So much great energy. Glad you enjoyed it -- hopefully I'll get to go next year. 🙏🏿

meikay profile image
meikay Author

Definitely try to go, it was so much fun!

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