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TMStats: Trackmania Tracker

Overview of My Submission

Live Version:

Trackmania is a racing game loved by dozen of thousands of active players. The game is full of minute-long racing tracks where people compete against medal times, author time, or even against each other. It comes with 25 professionally made tracks every three months, alongside one community-made track every day. I like the game because it feels rewarding no matter your skill level 😌 While professional players try to have the best time on the map fighting for 0.001 second difference, you and your friends can try to get silver medals on all maps.

Trackmania has numerous apps for players that make the game even more enjoyable, such as matchmaking ranks, Trackmania Exchange Leaderboards or Author Medal Tracker.

✨ With all of these community-made projects around Trackmania, I decided to make my own! ✨

Presenting... TMStats!

TMStats | Medal Tracker

Overview of all Trackmania medals you achieved. Share your campaign or daily maps medals with anyone!


TMStats is a medal tracker website that allows you to sync your Trackmania medals with a TMStats profile. Alongside the informative map detail modal, TMStats comes with a yearly medal view that really makes you appreciate the time you spent playing the game. Another cool feature I implemented is background map analytics that compares all available information to make an informed guess on the map difficulty, allowing you to focus on a difficulty that you enjoy the most 🔥 Last but not least, TMStats holds a private leaderboard of all profiles submitted to TMStats to allow you to compare against your friends, or world, easily.

TMStats is nowhere near done! Within the first week after publishing the project, thousands of accounts were created, and people started actively using the website. Based on the feedback I received, I will be adding many more features, such as achievements, daily quests, and profile decorations. Wish me good luck! 🤞

Project Repository:

Submission Category:

🧙 Web2 Wizards

Link to Code

GitHub logo Meldiron / tmstats

A medal calendar that shows overview of all Trackmania medals an user achieved.

🥇 TMStats


👋 Introduction

TMStats is a medal tracker that shows overview of all Trackmania medals an user achieved. The website allows user to share campaign or daily maps medals with anyone.

Project focuses on multiple aspects and features:

  • Track of the day (TOTD) medals in yearly view
  • Campaign medals in season view
  • Custom map medals in list view
  • Gamified achievement & quests system

As of right now, project has no business model and is fully free and open-sourced. Project generates expenses, and business model might be added in the future.

🤖 Tech Stack

TMStats uses multiple frontend and backend technologies with focus of simplifying the development. Main focus of tech stack in this project is to make development fast and fun, instead of making it scalable and reliable.

  • TailwindCSS, a CSS library to rapidly design components using HTML classes
  • Svelte, a JS library to build reactive frontend…

Additional Resources / Info

I enjoyed Hackathon A LOT, but I am an Appwrite maintainer, and it would not be fair if I competed for winnings. So I will not 😇 I submitted a project to share the project I am proud of, get participation rewards (shiny Dev badge), and show the community what Appwrite can be used for! 💪

Tech Stack:


  • Benko; Huge help with API discovery statistic formulas and testing


  • User Profile
    User Profile

  • Map Details
    Map Details

  • Homepage

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Vinit Gupta

This is a really cool idea!!
Loved the design and everything.

Checkout my submission here 👉 Pigshell 🐷