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The Progressive JavaScript Framework

Vue.js is a javascript framework developed by Evan You. It is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. It focuses on a view layer of the application and it is use to build Single Page Applications(SPA). This framework is like AngularJS but much faster and lighter.


I'm still studying about this framework and I haven't tried using it in a real project. As what I have learned so far is that it is easier to learn unlike Reactjs and AngularJS 2. And also it is easier to use and integrate with other libraries and frameworks.

Vue.js currently has no stable way to develop mobile applications unlike the other frameworks. But there developers are now working with this two frameworks that could help us build mobile applications. This two frameworks are Weex and NativeScript.

What I like with Vue.js is that it has a small size and it's very easy to integrate in the application just like jQuery. And as a programmer, it also saves a lot of time to build apps because it has a well-written documentation (Vue.js documentation) and has a very simple code structure.

To write applications using Vue.js, you just only have to know some basic Javascript and HTML language.

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Ali Nazari

Can you explain me the term "Progressive Framework"?

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I wish to have an explanation too if anyone is eager to give it. :)

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Big fan of Vue and has an easy learning curve. It's as intrusive in your code as you wish either as a drop in for jQuery or a whole front end framework, even with server side rendering.

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Jake Varness

Have you ever looked into Elm? It's a functional programming language that compiles into JS. It's main focus is making SPAs as well.

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What do you mean by a progressive framework?