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One HTML Page Challenge

One HTML Page Challenge

The goal is to create anything you want within 1 single html file. Practice your skills with no assistance from libraries, no separation of files, and no assistance of a modern framework. How creative can you be with such restrictions?

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  • You must write all of your code in 1 single HTML file.
  • Your file must be less than 1mb (measured by the file size on github).
  • You cannot import any external files (this will be checked by looking at the network tab in chrome).
  • You are allowed to use libraries, however the library must be hard coded into a script tag and still must fit under the 1MB file size. (I suggest using a cdn and replacing with hardcoding the minified library at the end, or use JSCompress).

How to Submit

  1. Fork the repository.
  2. Add your html file to the /entries directory.
  3. Edit the entries.js file in the root, with your information for the entry.
  4. Commit to your forked repo.
  5. Make a pull request to master from your forked repo.

* You may submit as many entries as you'd like.

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Adam Crockett 🌀 • Edited

Let's see, you have body and html and head without even writing a single line, all of which are stylable, the before and after, so that's 3 elements and 6 psuedo available without much code.. So that's a few precious bytes... Well that's my contribution to the challengers haha.

I would avoid any encoding base64, it's going to add bloat, encode !== compression.