I just got a Raspberry Pi 3. What can I do with it?

Just got a Raspberry Pi 3 setup and it's my first one. If you own a Raspberry Pi, what do you use it for? Don't think I'll dive into hardware stuff right now but definitely software related things.

I have two. One's a TV box with LibreElec and the other runs pi-hole, an adblocking DNS service.

I use it as DNS add-block (pi-hole) and a Plex server. My pi-hole is stopping working from time to time..

Whoa! Thanks for the pi-hole, I have one raspberry pi sitting unused :)

I would definitely say pi-hole. I'm running in docker container, so that I can use remaining resource for my other projects.

Right now I have about 5 device connect and it's blocking 24-29% ads traffic daily.

Mom(at home): ...
Mom(at gradpa's place):Why do I see these ads here but not at our place?.
Me: Mom, say "Thank you pi-hole".
Mom: eh?

I would deploy my hubot to my Raspberry Pi. It was perfect to host a small application like a chat bot. I haven't used many of the hardware capabilities of my Raspberry Pi yet.

When my son gets older I want to teach him how to use computers with one of my Raspberry Pis.

I use my Pi as an interface to different public APIs, that I access from my phone via Pushbullet.

For example: I send "train details" via Pushbullet and the Pi answers with live information, like arrival time, about my train connections.

The app is based on Node.js. For the communication I use the public pushbullet api.

I installed RetroPie on my for a retro gaming system.

I also have a Raspberry Pi 2 that I use for random little things I want running on my network. Like homebridge for making non-HomeKit things work with HomeKit and Siri.

Check out PiCluster, a simple way to manage Docker containers on multiple hosts with monitoring capabilities. github.com/picluster/picluster

If you don't want to dive into hardware right now, so here are some software ideas for you to build:

  • Your own Linux server to run your own blog
  • A small screen dashboard (you gonna need a TFT screen) that display your notifications, bitcoin price, todo list, pomodoro timer,...
  • A smart mirror, well, this actually need some hardware works
  • A game console (to play NES, Gameboy,... on your TV)
  • TIC-80 computer
  • Or write some emulator on your own that run on a Pi connected with a TFT screen
  • Buy another Pi to setup a cluster to do some heavy stuff (coin miners :v)

Coin miners with Pi? I see what you did there. ;)


I build a small train information panel. This grabs the real train Infos from a particular trainstation and displays that onto a LCD display. This was build for my sons Modell train. There is a little bit hardware knowledge and programing skills needed.

I've got a few myself! One I've been using for years as a torrent server. I've got it hooked up to a router and NAS drive at home, then I've got a folder action on my laptop that automatically sends any .torrent files to the pi which automatically downloads them to the NAS drive for later use. It's useful in case I'm somewhere that's blocking P2P traffic.

The other one I set up at work with a couple sensors to monitor our bathroom and post whether it's occupied or not to a slack channel. I'm working on a backend for it right now for slash commands so people can make reservations 😂

I have a few stuff that run on mine :

  • Gitea, for a local, self-hosted git server
  • Syncthing, to have a local backup node
  • Sometimes a Minecraft server
  • Web server
  • Sometimes simply as an access to my home network

Gitea might be my favorite use, it feels great not to rely on GitHub to store my code (I often store my repos at different places for redundancy). Also Syncthing is great, you should check it out.

Cool, Gitea sounds nice! Will look into it. Thanks for the suggestions :)

I‘ve ordered an octo soundcard from audio injector for my pi2 (only hardware stuff I did) and wrote some nodejs scripts to turn it into a really good working sound system with capabilities of playing old tapes and vinyl from my 30 year old hifi system and stream it to wireless speakers all around the house (with airplay support, which stops the current playback on play and after that, my hifi system will stream again, good for parties, where someone wants to show a video to the crowd or wants to play a favorite song in between good ol‘ tapes 😁

I use my pi to run Home Assistant so my pi acts as a bridge between all the smart devices in my house from my smart slow cooker, lights, TV, to my climate control, Google Home, and even my automated cat feeder!

I just purchased one myself and have it setup with both Raspberian and Windows 10 IoT. I'm still not sure which direction to take my learning with it. I'm a lot more comfortable with the Microsoft way of doing things (Windows, C#, etc) but the Raspberian experience feels more like a regular computer experience, plus I would expand my knowledge more by learning Java in depth.

I will probably eventually get into some hardware related stuff, both for my guitar/music hobby and perhaps for my work in supporting manufacturing operations.

I have RP3 for use with Kodi media center, running transmission torrent client as well with web-UI so i can connect and add torrent files.
Also uses it to download twitter sample firehose archives created by Twitark

I have another RP2 that i use as a home camera when i am away which uses MotionEYE OS
Installed with Node-Red integrated with PushBullet channels, so i can 'Alarm' and it will send me notifications, or turn it off when i am at home.

Lastly i have a RPZero with Led pHat from pimoroni which is for visualizations.

RP is awesome!

I don't have a Pi3, I have an Odroid XU4, but they're kinda similar. I use mine in conjunction with a NAS as a bitcoin and litecoin node and I've been thinking about setting it up as a Wireguard VPN, so I can connect to the internet via home when I'm away,

I use two RPi permanently, one for pi-hole to block ads and tracking from my network and one for Openhab to automate my home.

I've used my Pi3's for RetroPie & OpenELEC, but it looks like I'll be building a PiHole tonight :)

I've also been meaning to look into setting up PiCluster and moving my git server down from AWS.

Thanks folks!

Kodi is a nice entertainment center running very well on a Raspby - I am using OpenELEC for that - and you can contribute to the project (has just been accepted for GSOC 2018).

I just set up NextCloud on a Pi3 connected to a nas via nfs and now have my personal private "Dropbox".

You can use it as home assistant (homeassistant.io) hub .

Try out Android Things - developer.android.com/things/hardw... . I blog about my experiments with it, so feel free to shoot me some questions.

I have a few:

  • RetroPi
  • Tor Router
  • 2 OSMC
  • Kali Linux
  • Kano OS (for my son)

You could install a Hubot like someone else said, and run your own Rocket.Chat instance if you want.

I have a pi2 that I used to use these to log my solar panels to PVOutput. Last week I set up pi-hole to finally get rid of all ads on my wifi. And boy, I surely should have done that earlier

I have mine managing to fill two roles: as a Volumio headless music player, and a Home Assistant server. Planning to see if it will run pi-hole too :)

You could get another one and start tinkering with clustering. There's pretty decent support for Kubernetes on Pi.

I use it as emulator station with RetroPie, connected to my TV and using PS3 and XBox One controllers with USB cable or Bluetooth.

I use it for pivpn (pivpn.io)

Raspberry Pi FM radio station transmitter

One of my raspberries shares a read only folder containing my music and a second one publish the music using apache and ngrok so I can stream it over the internet.

Instead of buying a Midi USB Hub (+80€) for routing USB Midi to devices with traditional Midi cable, you can use a Raspberry Pi + a USB MIDI Cable instead.

Any kind of small-scale game server, turn it into a retro gaming console, Magic Mirror, Twitter bot?

If you got a 3D printer you can use it as a server to control the printer remotely

  • Telegram bot
  • Program interactive portable games with a Makey Makey

I own a Raspberry Pi 2 and have been using it as an XBMC/Kodi media server.

I bought an Asus Tinker Board, because it has good video capabilities. Used it for a smart tv. Don't know if the RP3 is good for such things.

You can develop your own Google Home using Google Assistant SDK.

You can change the default hotword too...

I have two. One at the TV with LibreElec and another as a NAS(with web server, owncloud, torrent server) using Open Media Vault

I use mine as my VPN server. Took my a while to set up but works well.