What do you send in your personal newsletter?

michael profile image Michael Lee 🍕 ・1 min read

I've had a personal email newsletter for a while but I've always failed to consistently send out stuff to it. I'm curious what folks send out to their own personal newsletter and how they engage with their audience?

If you don't have a personal email newsletter, are there any personal email newsletters you've signed up for and what keeps you signed on?


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I'm subscribed to a few. Things that usually keep me hooked:

  • humor and interesting tone
  • relevancy and hot-off-the-keyboard content in the expected genre
  • a modicum of off-topic, super interesting content to keep things fresh
  • pictures! :D

Thanks Vicky for your feedback! Care to give a shout-out to any that fit within the things you've listed above? Would love to follow and see for myself.


I'm new to the newsletter game, in fact it was today that I sent out my first newsletter... to myself :)

I don't actually think I've ever subscribed to anyone's personal newsletter... or perhaps the better wording would be that I've never subscribed to newsletters that seem personal.

Even for my own, the intention is that it's somewhere I can share the content I'm creating rather than any personal news. I'm excited to see what the engagement is like once people do subscribe.

For the newsletters I do subscribe to, humour and brevity are probably what I find most important. Emails that go on and on and on never get my full attention.