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Whee!, a newsletter highlighting the funnest web development things

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Years ago, the reason why I got into web development was because it was fun. I loved spending hours in front of my computer, experimenting, tweaking and reloading to see the magic of code transform things on my screen.

My new newsletter, Whee! is an attempt to stir that feeling of fun and excitement with experimenting and playing with code. Whee! is a newsletter that curates the funner web dev things around the Internet β€” whether it’s cool visual experiments on CodePen, an homage to 8-bit graphics in a new CSS library or programming concepts using the latest popular pop song.

My goal with Whee is to share my awesome findings with you every Wednesday to get you over that hump and into the rest of the week saying wheeeee! πŸ™Œ

To get the funnest web dev things from the Internet into your inbox every Wednesday, sign up for Whee!.

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