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First Job As A Web Developer

Since my first few posts here I was in the last few months of my HND Software Development course at college. My next steps were to apply for university and try my luck at applying for any developer positions that were available. (just chancing my luck to even get an interview)

After many different applications I got a conditional offer for a course at university and i got an interview for a web developer position.

The 1st interview was fairly relaxed and just about getting to know me as a person and what I was doing at that moment in time.

I got offered a 2nd interview and this was more technical as I had to design and code a homepage for them and then present my designs. (both interviews were done remotely as COVID)

I got mixed up with the interview times due to a MS Teams meeting error which said my meeting was an hour earlier than i first knew. Panic set in as I emailed the employer telling them I had made a mistake and got mixed up but it turned out was just a mixup on MS Teams.

After the stress wore off I presented my designs and all went well. I was told that I would be informed later that day of any decisions regarding the web developer position.

I got called a few hours later and was offered the job !!!
I am just beginning my professional career within web development and will be journalling it through this forum.

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Pretty impressive. Congratulations! :)