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The GitHub repos I discovered this week

Is Sunday, and this week is finishing. But I notice that this week I spend a unmeasured amount of time playing around with the new GitHub feature, Discover. The explore just show you a list of repositories that you may like, as Facebook show you pages that you may like. This is really good, cause I always have see GitHub as a social network, and it's now becoming one; and it's also very interesting to discover new repositories. In this post, I just want to share with you a little list with some of the repositories I add this week, and a little something about why I add it.

You need to notice that when I say add, I mean star. The order does not matter and does not implies any preference.


Prettier is an opinionated code formatter. Or that's what they say. I have to say, I use the build-in formatter of the VSCode most of the time, (switch+alt+f). But the flaw is that you can't format HTML properly, and if you know who please, leave a comment. That's why I added Prettier. Right now it support JS (ES2017, TS, JSX, Flow), CSS (SCSS, LESS), JSON and GraphQL. But they are working in support HTML and templates.


QML is a user interface markup languages, JSON-like. It was love a first sight, although it was being used for Sailfish app, I love it. So I suddenly become interest in something that allows me to compile QML to HTML, and QMLCore is just that. I have not play around with that yet, but still.


I read about this in the Node Weekly newsletter. I love decorators, this is one of the reasons I fall in love with Angular so quickly, and nest use them for server side development in a way that just fell right.


Ok, this maybe know, as well as Prettier, but I find out this week about this. This evaluates your JS code going one step beyond the tree shaking. I like it very much, and I want to see how this evolve. I still don't have that confidence with the Facebook products, but it's really OSS, so if anything, the community will continue the work.

So this was all for this week. I hope I can pick others repos in the forthcoming future and write about them.

As always, a pleasure to write to you guys.

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Wonderful post