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Dev log for Wonder Wanderer 2: Day 1 #LOWREZJAM 😁

Michael Primo
I am a Javascript Developer, making games, web and apps with it, and I like mental challenges and doing weird experiments and stuff.
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Today is the first day for me partecipating on #LOWREZJAM, and I will do it with Wonder Wanderer 2.

Wait, is there a Wonder Wanderer 1?

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Yes, it is and it's right there.

After JS1024, I partecipated to LospecJam 1, but that will be another story (waiting for the results to come) and I will do the post-mortem too, but for now I will say as a recap: I made an arcade with a female adventurer called the Wonder Wanderer avoiding frogs into the night and using powers. More time you survive, more points you can get.

What it will be Wonder Wanderer 2?

The MC for this game will be alone, in a gravity-bending dungeon, without her biplane and new powers for a brand new puzzle platformer and collecting something in every level.

What did I do today?

I made most bits of the game design and made a little trial
of movements. I need to make my character move like in a Platformer and in a RPG, so I'll just make a trial level and experiment with animations, jumps, hazards and puzzles until I make the game properly.
Alt Text

This is Cubeman, a test character for this journey.

So, that's it for today. Tomorrow I think to go more faster.

Until then, see you tomorrow!

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