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Tech Lead Squad 💪 - What's on Tap This Week (10/28)

Hey tech leads,

Hope you’re having a fun weekend and that, if you’re in one of the twenty or so countries celebrating Halloween, you got to do some of the preparty events. Is it me, or does Halloween seem like a bigger and bigger deal each year?

More importantly, if you have kids, I strongly urge you to brace for the inevitable sugar crash coming as you try to get your kids to school on Friday morning.

We're going to talk about impact as a tech lead this week!

Getting back to business. For the past two weeks, I’ve been pretty focused on your self identity as a leader. I’ve been challenging you to both focus on the habits that support that identity actually developing that identity from the outside in instead of the inside out.

This week I’m going to pivot from YOU to your IMPACT. I like thinking about impact first because I think it helps to clarify a lot about what you should be doing as a tech lead.

Focusing on impact forces you to lead with your intentions, whether those intentions are about having a strong technical impact on the product or those intentions are about improving your team’s capabilities.

“If you aren’t intentional about your impact, you can’t complain about where your life takes you. If you want to drive the bus of your life, you must be own your impact.” Forbes

So on Monday, we’ll start with an overview of what impact means, why it matters, and why, really, you’re having an impact whether you mean to or not.

Then on Wednesday and Friday, we’ll talk about scaling up that impact on both your team and your technology, respectively.

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