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Tech Lead Squad 💪 - What's on Tap This Week (11/18) - PLUS free training coming up on Saturday

Hey DEV tech leads!

So sorry--it's been a few weeks since I posted here at, which is easily my most favorite community (besides the Tech Lead Coaching Network, of course).

This week, I'm going to continue with the format I've had for the past few months: three posts on the tech lead coaching mailing list and three podcasts.

But we're going to do something shiny and new this week: on Saturday, I'm going to run a free, live training session on How To Be a Tech Lead. Just register to get on the list. I'll try to record it if I can get all the technology together. Hope you'll be the first to attend our first of, hopefully, many sessions.

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So this week's episodes are going to be focused on pulling everything together and making sure I've got the material ready for Saturday.

On Monday, we're going to focus on summarizing some of the main points about what tech leads do, how technical you should be, and why we need the tech lead role.

On Wednesday, we're going to explore the Four Core. We'll start with the first two: listening and defining technical visions. This is going to be a little new, because I'm going to go a little more technical than I have in the past.

On Friday, we'll round out a discussion of the other two of the Four Core, having a high engagement level and tracking and adjusting. Both of these go pretty close together.

Going to be a fun week and funner weekend!

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Michael Rice

Curious to know what you think we should talk about in the live training coming up on Saturday, tech leads!