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Share the ️Love ️— What's your favorite #gamedev post on DEV?

I've started up a new series called "Share the Love" where I'm encouraging y'all to drop your favorite post under a particular tag and @mention the author. Why? Cause it's a fun way to collect a lot of great posts in one spot and it gives folks a platform to give each other shoutouts. If you get tagged in, consider paying it forward to another author on the site — share the love, get it. 🙌

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What's your favorite post shared under #gamedev?

So, I like to hear, what are everybody's favorite posts shared under #gamedev?


👾 👾 👾

Please consider giving the author an @mention when ya share their work as it's likely gonna give them the feel-goods. 😀

Note: you can embed a post into a comment by writing the following syntax.

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Alright, now time to hunt down that favorite #gamedev post you'd like to highlight! Share the love! ❤️

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Michael Tharrington

Personally, I really liked reading through @lazerwalker's post "Using Game Design to Make Virtual Events More Social" to be a fascinating read:

It was interesting hearing about all of the challenges they tackled in an effort to make a truly engaging virtual event. I love that they modeled the space after text-based MUDs. I was just incredibly impressed and inspired by the level of detail and thoughtfulness that went into all of this. 🙌

The sum up sentence was just so on point too:

What we actually need to take from game design is the understanding of how to use play and playful design to create environments whose architecture encourages and rewards positive social interactions through psychologically satisfying systems. This isn't by any means easy, but I hope the work I've done can show that it's doable!

I highly recommend giving this one a read!