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Michael Tharrington (he/him)
Michael Tharrington (he/him)

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Zuckerberg, Cook, Bezos, & Pichai Testify before US House Judiciary Committee (Live Now)

C-SPAN is live streaming this now.

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Peter Kim Frank

I'm really interested in catching the highlights to this, but didn't have time to watch live. Hopefully someone puts together a round-up soon.

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I watched about 1.5 hours of it... It went something like:

  • Chairman: Mr. <insert_ceo> <insert_question>?
  • CEO: Thank you so much for the question, it is a great question, and we are working really hard to fix that. --they proceed to talk about some other topic--

I can summarize what I watched (very summarized):

Basically they don't think they have a monopoly, at least Zuckerberg and Bezos, and have a lot of competition in their eyes.

Zuckerberg was as Zuckerberg as he could possibly be lol.

Of all the live stream I watched, they did not ask a single question to Tim Cook. They seemed to center more around Zuckerberg and Bezos, and some questions for Pichai.

Chairmen were mostly concerned about Facebook helping/harming in political campaigns, and using their monopoly and power to take down the competition and small businesses.

They were also concerned about Amazon having such a big market and monopoly were 3rd party sellers have no other option and have amazon as their only source of income. They also were concerned that amazon uses the data from 3rd party sellers for their benefit, which means if amazon wanted to compete with someone that sold socks, for example. They could use that data to know what people look for when buying socks and could implement it in their sock selling strategy. They could also hide other 3rd party sock sellers, so they bring more traffic to their products.

It seems either Amazon is so big that they can't control if someone breaks policies or they know it's happening but don't want to do anything because it's very lucrative...

They were also concerned about Google possibly not supporting law enforcement in the USA, and concerns with collaborations with China. I did not see/hear much about this, so I can't explain more about it.

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Mike Bybee • Edited on

Oh man. Zuck did have a fantastic response when asked about Donald Jr. getting temp banned for Hydroxychloroquine

"I know the episode you're referring to, and I can't answer for that because it happened on Twitter. You'll have to ask them."

Translation: OK boomer

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Mike Bybee • Edited on

I'm sure I'm in the minority, but on almost all of these questions, were I one of the CEOs being grilled, I'd say something like "With all due respect, which is none, what would you do if I just shut it all down? I work for my customers and my shareholders, not you. Republicrat or Demopublican, you were elected to represent, not control. GFY."

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Mike Bybee

Ever since hearing about the "screw Google" meetings in DC years ago, I find it conveniently conspicuous that Microsoft is missing from something like this.

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