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Seriously, how do you find out about new technologies?

I am curious, and yes, I know it is what killed the cat, but...

I want to know the best ways to communicate APIs, new releases, support, enhancements, and bug fixes? Is documentation the right way to go, or do we need more? Do you need a video, a webinar, a meetup, a dev article, medium content, a posting on Reddit, social media?

When companies have useful information and want to share it, I am not talking about a sales pitch but sharing new insights, tips, and tricks. What should the approach be?

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Reddit mostly, and since I'm one curious alien, I end up going through some post about some tech and then end up on that tech's website and obviously other websites if that specific website is linking to something else.

Some Developer => "I like rust, my fav prog language!" => I'm on rust's website now.
Rust => We took variable borrowing from this "spec" => I'm now reading the spec.

Also github explore helps a lot with this.

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Maureen T'O

Social media groups on particular frameworks/technologies are great since they often have people interested in various technologies. The Exploding Topics newsletter. And YouTube is a great way to find out more too - I find following particular developers will often expose you to their tech stacks and what they know is up-and-coming in the tech field!

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That's awesome, I will definitely keep that in mind.

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By solving a problem