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Developers, assemble !!! - help create ideations on programming for the next-gen coders

I have created microideation as a platform for creating a learning experience based on ideations.

This is a simple platform where a developer or a person with skill can go and create content using basic formatting and images. These are presented to the user as ideations. The ideations are 500 characters or less content and need to be self-contained. They may have links to related content. Users can use simple swipe gestures to see the content and learn about topics. Each topic tasks less than 30 seconds or read time and explains the concept concisely. If the user is interested in a particular subject, they can freeze and follow topics from that.

I have already created content on programming languages/concepts


React JS

React Native


Version Control


Alt Text

I envision this as an expert-driven community where the developers or anyone with specific expertise can create concise content on topics.

This is totally free to join as well to view the ideations in the app. I appeal to the experienced members of the developer community to come forward and create content on the topics of your area that can be discovered by the beginners and peers.

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This can be checked out at the below link

Download the app ( No registration required and it's free )

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