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Handy shorts on reactjs for every developer

Learning a programming language or a concept is a time-consuming process and need to find the dedicated time.

Imagine being able to learn the topics as 30-second reads and swipe through them as you would do on social media, that is what Microideation is all about.

Microideation is a 500 or less character explanation of a self-contained topic. You can use this as a quick reference for your queries or casually swipe through to learn interesting and useful facts about your favorite programming language/framework.

This can work as an introduction to beginners and a refresher to the experienced folks.

ReactJS Content

You can see the content on reactjs below.

There are over 150+ microideations currently and new content is getting added every day. Download and use the app as a quick reference or for acquiring the latest information on your favorite language or frameworks.

Try it out

The app is totally free ( in terms of cost as well as "ads") and is currently being supported personally. This started as a quarantine project ( built on reactjs, react-native, and java-based micro-services) for creating a to-the-point content by developers for developers.

Download the app

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