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Shorts ( 30 seconds read ) on application security vulnerabilities every dev should know

Security is always an afterthought in the development process. But with the increasing number of cyber-attacks and data leaks, the concept of application security and the requirement to embed them from the design stage itself is now critical than ever before.

Most of the attacks that lead to data breaches and leaks are results of simple programmer mistakes or lack of security awareness.

Please find the short reads on the top 5 vulnerabilities that are causing major security risks in the application explained in the form of microideations.

1.Cross site scripting ( XSS )
Alt Text
2.Cross site scripting ( XSS ) - Mitigations
Alt Text
3.Improper input validation
Alt Text
4.Improper input validation - Mitigations
5.Cross site request forgery
6.Improper restriction of operations
7.SQL Injection
Alt Text

You can discover, navigate and bookmark these and other development-related ideation content on the microideation app for free ( no mandatory registration, no ads ) .

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Alt Text

Alt Text

Discussion (2)

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Jakob Attkinson

Pretty weird to see an article with screenshots from a mobile phone :)

However, thanks for the effort. It was a good read that make me look more into some of the above.

microideation profile image
microideation Author

The intention of the screenshots was to given an idea of how it looks :).
The link takes directly to the ideation which can be bookmarked. If you find it useful, you may check out the app also for more ideation based content.