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DIY GIPHY app for Microsoft Teams

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I love building apps for Microsoft Teams and it has gotten even easier with the VSCode extension Microsoft Teams Toolkit

Did you know you can create

  • Tab
  • Bot
  • Messaging extensions

for Microsoft Teams using this toolkit?

Search based messaging extensions are fun to build. You search from an external system (via an API), get response in a list/grid and then do some action with the selected item.

So when I was thinking; what is the best way to demo this in an easy fun way? and the answer was GIPHY (one of the most used messaging extension in my chats)

I am one of those people who does not shy away from using GIFs in an informal chat. And basically it is a search based messaging extension app so I knew I had to try build this.

You can also have more control over the search API for GIPHY this way.

Here is how it looks 😁

Alt Text

Now, do you want to build this? Do you want to build an app for Microsoft Teams? 🚀

Step by step process to re-create your own GIPHY app using the Teams Toolkit

The sample is also available in PnP Microsoft Teams Samples here in

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