iOS Developer Journey

midhetfatema94 profile image Midhet Sulemani ・1 min read

I am an iOS Developer currently, have been experienced with Swift and MVC architecture for around 4 years now. Worked on a few small scale full stack projects for a year before that. I just wonder what my next steps should be like? I want to get hired by a well known brand which allows me to explore other areas of a product like UX and design, maybe marketing as well. Is this the right way to go? Or should I be looking for something in the places I apply to?


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Thanks for sharing your journey Midhet. How about looking into some cross-platfrom frameworks like Flutter or React Native?

I started with the frontend in the beginning of my career. Then moved to the backend, then cross-platform mobile app development. Now thinking of jumping in ML, so, I'd suggest looking into areas that you are passionate about.