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Miguel Rodriguez

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Tips to be a good leader?

So, to begin the year, I was just assigned as Project Owner of a mobile app we're developing at the company I currently work for. Which is a big deal for me since I'm a self-taught developer and started working only a year ago, but apparently the managers are happy with my performance (yey :D).

My main responsibilities involve Sprint plannings, Sprint reviews organizing daily Scrum meetings, of course communicating with the team to see that everything's alright, and getting in touch with the client from time to time for updates and requirements.

What advice do you guys have to be a good leader?

What soft-skills and practices do you think a leader should have to achieve a good working environment and getting the job done?

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Rini Simon • Edited

Speaking out of experience, have a one-one with your team members, about their concerns and if everything is fine. It shows you value them and you will definitely see a difference in their performance and also put your team forward when it about appreciation.

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John Uhri

Avoid canceling or moving those one-on-ones; it sends a terrible message. I make the one-on-ones with my team the top priority.

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Miguel Rodriguez

Great insight. Thanks for sharing your experience!