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MikaZuki Augus
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Creating my First official Project: Mellow Tè

Hey Guys!

Its been a long while but a lot has been happening in life for me at this moment. I have been very busy immersed in my coding bootcamp as of late, I have recently got MarriedImage description
and also Moving countries so its been one big rollercoaster as to why I havent been posting a lot as of late 😅

However in the midst of all this happy chaos and change I have been working quite a lot even during the holidays!

Most recently in November I finished my first project for my bootcamp which was a fully responsive front-end website for a Herbal tea page. I created this using HTML & CSS.

This was quite the challenge for me being my first project and spent quite a few weeks on this struggling with it. I finally managed to make it through and submit! The work consists of my love for Herbal Tea and the health benefits it can bring to people. I wanted to approach the site in this way which is for the reason I used the green colour patterns for the look.

The things I found the most troublesome while working on this where the Media Queries. Those blasted media queries kept changing the images and wording around on the page whenever I put it through rigorous testing for different devices. Alas in the end we made it through. Now with this experience I hope I am able to create better functioning websites and also at a much faster pace.

I am now currently working on my 2nd project of the bootcamp which is a front-end Javascript game. I will definitely be posting my experience once I've finished this which wont take too long as I have roughly 12 days to complete it.

I hope you enjoyed this article and my experience and wish me luck for the upcoming project! ✌️

P.S. Link for my Website is stored on my Github page here:

Follow me on Twitter: @CodezMikazuki

Thanks For Reading!

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