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Hello from NYC!

Are you still a developer in Madagascar today or have you moved?


I have moved a few months ago and am now in Paris. I have worked as a developer about 5 years in Madagascar.


Awesome, congrats on the new job. What advice would you have for someone in Madagascar learning to code today?

Mainly two advices : master english and follow ;)


Do you work in an office? And if so, what office culture differences have you noticed between working in Madagascar and France?


Yes I worked in a office there. I think the main cultural difference I noticed is that in Madagascar, people tend to have more "fear" at work, fear of their managers, fear of co-workers. That might be a good thing but most of time, people have difficulties to communicate inside a company, particularly if they have foreign dirigeant.
In France, there is no such a thing an people freely interact with each other, independenlty of their position.


Hello from Argentina...

  • When did you start to coding ?
  • What was your inspiration ?

Hello @kip,

I started coding at 17 or so with Basic language. I was inspired by some challenge algorithms I found in a study book at my school. I knew I wanted to work with programming and solving problems with computers.


Hellow from Lima, PE !
Madagascar ? wow ! its amazing !

In our country, software communities are just being formed.
How big are the software communities in Madagascar and if you belong to one, how is the management of your logistics?


Hello! In fact it was quite the same in Madagascar as I left. The tech community wasn't really organized and there was really few meetings for devs.
These last weeks and months, that started to change and I see more and more events and meetings there. This is something I really missed while there.


Have you seen a gang of Zebra, Lion, Hippo, and a Giraffe running around there?


Unfortunately note yet. In fact none of these animals actually live in Madagascar :D


Why do you need all this animals when you have tasty Zebu!

(Btw, I went to Madagascar many years ago. Went from Tana to Ille Saint Marie. Amazing trip and my first time in Africa)

@daniel that's sounds really great! I myself have not been at Sainte Marie yet but would really love to!!


Salama! Not really a question, just wanted to mention that in 2006 and 2007 I actually worked with a developer from Madagascar who was a great guy. All the best for your new life in Paris :)

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