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Been to long..

If you're like me...

and you've taken a 9-12 month "Break", it's really tough to start back where you once left off. I know, I know it feels like you have to start over completely. truth if you really don't.

Here's why!

You are more capable than you really know. I recently got back into building projects for my portfolio (I need a career change and I love this field) and JS has always kicked my ass. But now that I am back at it I feel like I've gained more from taking that break "the really long break I shouldn't have taking but you know life happens..." So your brain doesn't fully forget the concepts of certain things especially if you worked on a certain one for so long.
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Don't waste your time stressing about things you have or might have forgotten, the greatest thing about programming is you don't have to know all the answers. You get to cheat and google your solutions.

Some Advice that will help

  1. Code at least 30 mins a day or every other day.
  2. Don't think you have to race through your learning.(You don't learn anything that way.)
  3. Take breaks (Not long ones, I mean NOT month long ones maybe a day or two)
  4. Schedule a time to sit down build something.

I usually sit down after work, even if I'm not feeling it. I say to myself okay just 30 mins that usually turns into a couple of hours or building or learning something new.

Be consistent

I think this is what really messed me up.
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It's true being Consistent is the key.
"Wish I would have realized that in the my early 20s"..
Being good at anything in life is being consistent, Sports figures, actors, lawyers and Programmers all have one thing in common. Being Consistent.

Figure out what is best for you

Sit down, take some notes of what has and hasn't worked for you in the past. Guide yourself, You're a Self-Taught Dev for crying out loud. Running to the new shiny toy of frameworks and languages will only dig you deeper into that hole. I know I'm just now coming out of it.

Take all of this with grain of salt.

YOU know you more than I know you. so sit down and think about it. It's hard, it makes you want to cry and some point. Only because deep down you want it so bad... SO Get comfortable being uncomfortable. "Favorite Quote"

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