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js-coroutines passes 100 GitHub stars, gets own website, API docs, typings + more examples

Mike Talbot
Serial CTO
Updated on ・1 min read

js-coroutines gives you the power to run your Javascript processes like sorts, compression and JSON operations while your web app stays fully interactive at 60fps

js-coroutines has been a bit of a rollercoaster, from an idea sparked by a article a couple of weeks ago to a fully fledged library and a key part of my daily toolkit!

As the repo has passed 100 stars I decided to give it a proper home, with better examples and descriptions, API docs - complete but in need of some more examples over time.

The new site also has additional explanations and examples of how to get the most from this library.

Thanks for all of your feedback and comments. I'll now get back to some different kind of posting haha....


Discussion (5)

seanmclem profile image

"The power to sort, stringify, compress, decompress and run your complex calculations while staying smooth and interactive at 60fps"

jamesthomson profile image
James Thomson

Very interesting stuff, I can already see how useful this can be. Will definitely be looking deeper into this!

jwp profile image
John Peters

Will try this out ASAP, looks like a winner!

alexkhismatulin profile image
Alex Khismatulin

Congrats! Haven't used it yet but found some useful stuff in sources that I've already applied to my projects

miketalbot profile image
Mike Talbot Author

That's great! Very happy to have people just use the principle! This article goes into detail about how it works and does a run through of the core coroutine functions from the source code:

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