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2020-11-01 | Linux VMs, RedwoodJS, Show Up, Nextcloud Backup

Hey folks,

I just started to write a daily diary on my personal blog. Received some nice messages over the last few months about my account, that's why I start to cross post here.

I think writing a (public) diary has a lot of benefits:

  • I have to sort my thoughts
  • it improves my writing skills
  • it improves my explanation skills
  • it improves my communication skills (coming to the point)
  • other people get motivated to start their own one
  • other people send me nice messages
  • other people see that you exist (valuable for beginners/job seekers)

Did a lot of computer housekeeping. Downloaded some virtual machine images from Downloading a VM image is faster for me than downloading an iso and installing it, so I tinkered around with some. Although I use Arch for some years now, I like the spin of Manjaro. The default settings are great. No doubt linux beginners like it. Was quite fast in a VM with 2 cores and 4GB RAM.

I actually had the idea to spin up the VMs because I wanted to test RedwoodJS. I sandbox my applications with Firejail, so I had a lot of trouble trying to run Redwood, because I don't use a root account in the VSCodium terminal.

Afterwards I did my workout routine. It's sprinting and pullups. Yes, no bro stuff. Just practicing the habit of showing up.

In the afternoon I tried to find out the best way to make a Nextcloud Backup. Currently I use a built-in app, but it puts the backup on the same device and I think this is very fragile if the device (a Digital Ocean VPS/Droplet) dies.

Evening was some mindless "smartphone-reading-while-watching-football".

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