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About Teaching & Learning

One of the activities, I enjoy the most, is teaching.

The interesting part is that each time I learn a lot about myself.
I learn to think more clearly, communicate more clearly and be more relaxed.

That's why I try to participate in many events where I can actually do it face to face!

Last weekend, I supported 10 children in web development.

I am very happy that I have a skill in which I can teach others :)


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I love teaching! It helps me come up with ways to simplify concepts and get creative with explaining them. Kids especially force that way of thinking, and then you can use those same concepts for adults and they'll be more engaged!

What are some of your favorite concepts to teach? What helps you explain them?

I like teaching the difference between for loops and while loops by having a volunteer do 5 jumping jacks, then do jumping jacks until I tell them to stop.