Diary - 2018.09.05

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Regex is really great for finding and/or replacing things.

I have files named my-file-name.js or my_file_name.js
and want to change them to camelCase myFileName.js.

function toCamelCase(name) {
  // search for "-" or "_" followed by a character and replace it uppercased
  return name.replace(/[-_]([a-z])/gi, (_, char) => char.toUpperCase());


/ => starts the regex
[-_] => - or _
([a-z]) => all lowercase letters, captured in a group
/ => ends the regex
gi => search all occurencies, ignore case 
(_, char) => char.toUpperCase() => _ is the passed in complete match, don't need it;
return the capture group (= the letter after - or _) uppercased
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