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What do you currently want to learn, but can't find good material about?

miku86 profile image miku86 ・1 min read

Hey folks,

I'm looking for new topics to write about.

So are there any topics, that you want to learn, but can't find good material about?
Or perhaps there is some material, but it isn't organized that well?

Let me know! :)

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Ezekiel Nwafor

As a total beginner. I love 8f there was a comprehensive tutorial breaking down the command line. There are tons of posts about setting up a dev environment but in my experience, most are missing the what and the why behind the explanations as well.

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Jean-Christophe Helary

How to keep sane while freelancing, taking care of 2 teenagers, living with a retired mother-in-law and sharing all that with a not super healthy partner (not that I am at the top myself though) and all that in a foreign language...

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Rohan Gayen

I am an intermediate level developer. I can develop web applications but don't know how to scale for more users. Want to learn more about this.

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So you are jr