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Milan Latinović
Milan Latinović

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How is code review organized in your company?

Code review is a process, which has a goal to assure the quality of delivery. In this specific case, the team is reviewing the quality of the code. This is accomplished by one or more developers examining the code which their colleagues wrote.

How are you doing code review? Do you pick someone who will review your code or is it voluntary? How much time does it take? When do you do it?

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Marcelo Bukowski de Farias

We do what we call continuous code review.

From the reviewer's perspective, it's all done from the IDE, as soon as he/she receives a feedback request, without switching branches.

From the code author's perspective, feedback is requested automatically as soon as the commit happens (even in local branches) or even before a commit, if needed.

We use a tool that we developed to do that (it's an open-source cross-IDE plugin called CodeStream).

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Milan Latinović

hmm, interesting, I was expecting more responses to these questions. Not sure if these are taboo topics or just haven't reached the right audience.