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#TECHLEADweek | The online free training to become a great leader in tech

Welcome to #TECHLEADweek, our biggest event of the year! ⚡️ A series of 4 free live training sessions to transition from engineer to manager and become a great tech lead/EM.

Discover the key skills needed, get the best practices to start building a solid leadership career and learn by doing with top industry leaders.

If you are already in the management path, plan to be there at some point, or you need to upskill your engineering team, this event is for all of you! Join, share and grow together! 📈

➡️ Register for the event here:

🗓 Training Agenda:
27, 28, 29, 30 Sept | 18:00 to 19:30 CET

→ Session #1 (Monday, 27th)
Discover the critical skills you need to become a successful tech lead, how to develop them, and take advantage of the huge opportunity.

→ Session #2 (Tuesday, 28th)
Know the framework that highest-performing teams apply.

→ Session #3 (Wednesday, 29th)
Find out the best practices to put the Tech Leadership career Framework in practice.

→ Session #4 (Thursday, 30th)
Plug n' play with mentors and live the tech leadership experience.

🎙 Speakers:
Alvaro Moya ( is a seasoned CTO and entrepreneur. After many years walking the path from solo-founder to unicorn, he has founded, the ecosystem for tech leaders, to support top professionals in their transition to leadership roles.

📍 Address:
This training will be hosted online in Zoom.
Save your seat here:

See you in the #TECHLEADweek!

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