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Rishabh Singh ⚡
Rishabh Singh ⚡

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We are taking the #100DaysOfCode Challenge!

Hey everyone, this is just a quick announcement that Me & my brother Suraj have decided to take the #100DaysofCode Challenge where we will be coding and learning new things for next 100 Days.

We will be posting about out journey & learnings on our Twitter handles: @mindninjaX & @surajondev

So be sure to follow us there!

What are we going to learn?

Well, this decision was quite hard for us since we both belong to different domains and have different interests but finally, we decided to learn the Web Development as there were several things in there we were unfamiliar with & also since it's one of the most in-demand skill. We will be starting from mere basics and then we will learn more advanced topics. In short, we are going to explore the entire development domain as much as we can within 100 Days.

What plans do we have for you?

As previously mentioned we will be posting about our journey & learnings every day on Twitter.

But along with that we will also be journaling & tracking our journey in detail every day and at the end of every week, we will publish it here on Dev Community. This weekly blog post will consist of our personal experiences, snapshots of what we created, sources we are learning from & so much more. So be sure to follow both of us here on Dev Community as well to stay in the loop.

Do we have any GitHub Repo for our #100DaysOfCode Challenge?

Yes we do! Both of us have created GitHub Repos where we will be sharing the projects, we create on daily basis. Also, feel free to follow us on GitHub as we keep working on big small side projects a lot! So you probably don't wanna miss them.

GitHub logo mindninjaX / 100DaysOfCode

A GitHub Repo for my #100DaysOfCode challenge projects

GitHub logo surajondev / 100DaysOfCode

100 Days of Code Challenge

Would you like to join us?

We are always ready to make new friends and learn with them. If you believe in yourself, or even if you don't (coz we believe in you), please join us on this journey.


We always encourage you to join us and learn to code with us.

If you have no plans for 100 Days, it's OK! You can plan as you go or if you would like to learn web development just like us then we already have plan ready for you! Simply DM us on Twitter!

Follow us on Twitter

Follow Me & Suraj on twitter to stay updated on your journey!

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Suraj Vishwakarma

It's great to start something new, exciting and especially with you.

mindninjax profile image
Rishabh Singh ⚡

I have the same opinion bro ⭐💯❤️
You're an idol to all of us!