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The irreplaceable developer

Imagine one day, the developer who wrote 95% of the product is about to leave. What would you do?

I was worried knowing the fact that one day, the rest of the team will have to maintain the codebase. FYI, the codebase is not badly written compared to another system I have worked before. I was having a hard time dealing with impostor syndrome. The code, that I wrote, wasn't working at all. Hearing the news the main developer would leave the team soon, making the negativity in me even more.

All of that negative thought keep coming at me. I even had a thought of leaving so I would avoid any errors I would make while maintaining the codebase. Then I realised, the worst thing could happen is the time taken to solve bugs would take longer. I wasn't sure that I can continue the high code quality like the other guy but I told myself that at least I will work hardest possible to keep the system running smooth.

A couple of weeks later, there was a bug in the system that I attempted to fix it without asking the main developer for help. It took me a while to solve it. But I proud of myself for fixing it without any help. After that, I pushed the commit to production without running test (just joking, I didn't).

Have you ever been in a situation like me? If yes, what did you do to overcome the fear?

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Jacob Baker

The bus factor! Documentation, knowledge sharing through code reviews and making sure people aren’t becoming silos of information is how we try to deal with it.