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Four projects to contribute to this Hacktoberfest πŸŽƒ

We're at the Hacktoberfest halfway mark, and you if you haven't signed up yet you just have to! Check out our handy guide to get started; now there's no excuses.

Once you're setup to go, you'll need to find a project or two, or ten, to contribute to. We've already shared three great projects to get started with, now I'm going to share a few more.

When it comes to Hacktoberfest and open source, you can't go past the companies presenting this awesome event. DigitalOcean, Appwrite, Intel, and DeepSource each have open source repos ready for contributions. Let's check them out.


The driving force behind Hacktoberfest is DigitalOcean. They have been running the event for eight years now. What better way to get involved than to contribute to the people who made this all possible.

DigitalOcean have several open source repositories, and all are opted-in for Hacktoberfest. Head to the DigitalOcean org to find projects that entice you.

With a number of cloud services on offer, you're bound to find something you like. Start contributing to DigitalOcean's Go API, command line, libraries, cloud manager, and more.


Another cloud service, only Appwrite provides REST APIs to manage your core backend needs. They have databases, storage options, lots of functions, and a fantastic modern UI.


Appwrite have a tonne of amazing things to contribute to. If you head to their Appwrite repo and search good-first-issue you'll see hundreds of issues open with this label. The good-first-issue tag highlights issues which are perfect for first time contributors. They've also make it easy to find all Appwrite Hacktoberfest issues with this handy search filter.

Make sure you read the contribution guidelines, and get involved with their open source projects. As part of Hacktoberfest, Appwrite are encouraging developers to contribute, go the extra mile, and score more free SWAG in addition to the Hacktoberfest SWAG.


You probably don't think "open source" when you hear the word "Intel". Intel have a bunch of public repos for libraries, frameworks, hardware managers, and more. They are super focused on deep learning and machine learning, especially considering all the crazy things they do around computer processing.

Whilst Intel might not have the Hacktoberfest tag on their repos, they are certainly worth the look.


This Hacktoberfest, DeepSource wants you to "ship good code". At their core, DeepSource helps you write clean code on every PR. It does this by you providing DeepSource with access to analyse your code on a specific repo. After you've enable this, DeepSource will analyse your code for whatever issues you care about the most. You'll receive lots of info about your code and the health of your repo.

DeepSource Analysis

DeepSource's GitHub repo is also opted into Hacktoberfest. Anything you contribute here will be counted towards your Hacktoberfest PRs. If you complete any four PRs for Hacktoberfest, you can definitely expect some DeepSource SWAG. And if you make over 20 contributions to DeepSource, you'll receive some super special SWAG from DeepSource.

Open source this month

Well, there you have it. Four really cool things you can check out this Hacktoberfest. We'll be sharing more projects over the last two weeks of the event. Be sure to check back soon.

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Abhinav Dubey

These are great,
Feel free to checkout this repo if you want to have some valuable contributions in the DevOps Space + some limited edition giveaways along with the Hacktoberfest 😍

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Michelle Mannering

Thank you. Read this and super keen ❀️

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bistcuite • Edited