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Keyboard shortcuts for GitHub • your key to increased productivity

Many of us spend hours on the computer. Even more so today with people working from home. One of the quickest ways to increase productivity is to learn shortcuts. It's in the name - shortcuts! Take a shorter route to do something. Not all things should be cut short, but quickly navigating your computer is one that pays off.

Learning keyboard shortcuts for your most used programs can help increase your productivity ten fold. Your work will be quicker and you won't break your flow by having to reach for your mouse.

Typing fast 1

Most people will know about the standard 'global' keyboard shortcuts, like CTRL+C to copy, or CTRL+V to paste. Did you know GitHub has a tonne of keyboard shortcuts too? From finding a file, to annotations, to quickly navigating to issues.

Keyboard shortcuts for GitHub

One of the coolest keyboard shortcuts is "T". By typing "t" on your keyboard, you can quickly search for any file. Files are often lost in folders and random locations in your code base. Now you can quickly find them.

When you're in a repo, you can use some of my favourite keyboard shortcuts. One of them is "g" then "c", which takes you directly to your repo's code. There's also "g" then "i" to take you to issues, or "g" and "n" for notifications.

Keyboard repo shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are unique in GitHub. Each page has its own keyboard shortcuts, depending on the type of page. For example, a repo will have different shortcuts if you're in the code base or reviewing a pull request. You can check the keyboard shortcuts for any page you are on, by typing "?" on your keyboard.

keyboard shortcuts Pull request

You can also check out the GitHub Docs page to see all the available shortcuts.

Hopefully this helps increase your productivity, and take your code to the next level.

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