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Michelle Mannering
Michelle Mannering

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GitHub README for easy to understand code

One of the things I really love is a good readme file. Finding a decent readme file with great documentation makes things so much easier.

On a few of my Live Streams, I took the time out to go through some of my repos and add Readme Files. Adding good information to your repo not only reminds you what it is, but also gives the community all the information they need.

GitHub logo mishmanners / Unity-Project

Project on Unity. Starting basic, all the files will be stored here.

Unity C# Programming Projects

Started learning some C# with Unity Premium Learn. You'll find all the files for all the Unity Projects here. Feel free to use the code here anyway you like.

Hope it helps you learn just as much as I did. Or better yet, even more!

Unity Premium Learn Courses

These are the courses I did with Unity Premium:

These are the ones still on the list to complete:

Unity Assets

These are some of my favourite Unity Assets to use. All the ones listed below are free.

People and characters

Good Readme files

A good Readme file should contain a few things. Firstly it should say what the repository is. Why does that repository exist? What is the project? What can you do with it?

If it's an open source project then there's a few other things you'll want to include. Ensure you have a good guide on how to contribute and what you're looking for in your contributors. Help first timers (either to your project or to open source) understand what they need to do to be part of your community.

Do you have a Discord? Or other community platform? Add those in the Readme. Add a link to your website, testimonials, social media, etc. Remember, if you're running an open source project, then the Readme file is one of the first things your community will see. You want to make them feel welcomed and informed.

Readme Profiles

Did you know you can now create Readmes for your GitHub Profile too? This was launched as GitHub Profile Readme. I did a live stream on it plus you can check out more information on how to create yours:

Your GitHub Profile Readme should showcase you to the world. This is similar to the way an open source Readme is designed to showcase its project to the world. You can add lots of assets to your Readme like gifs, images, code, and anything else that can be written in markdown.

If you have an awesome GitHub Readme Profile, or you've come across an amazing Open Source Readme, I'd love to lay eyes on it. Put a link in the comments below and I'll be watching them all!

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