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5 open source projects I use daily: thank the Maintainers #MaintainerWeek

This week is Maintainer Week. If you haven't heard about it, then you're definitely missing out. Maintainer Week is a week-long event where the community is called to thank, celebrate, appreciate, and support people who maintain open source software: Maintainers.

Open Source Software

"Why is it important?" you might ask. According to ZD Net 78% of companies around the world are running open source software. Elsewhere, you might hear stats like how the majority of the world's software is built on open source. GitHub pointed out in one of their latest blog posts that people "use more open source software than [they] think". With all these statistics floating around the internet, there's definitely cause to not take open source for granted.

Maintainer Week is here to remind the community not to take open source for granted. And importantly, to remember, thank, and support the people who look after these projects: Maintainers.

So with that in mind, I set about ensuring I would be thanking one open source piece of software and their Maintainers each day on my Twitter account. There's only been five days, so I'll share the five I've already profiled on social media. Next week, expect to see five more! ❤️

Open Broadcast Software

One of my favourite open source pieces of software is Open Broadcast Software (OBS).

I use this every single day for zoom calls (thank you for adding built-in virtual cameras), to presentations, Twitch streams and recordings. The Maintainers have been working on OBS for years and have just released version 27.0. Thank you to Jim and the team for this amazing software.


If you've ever tried to play some random video file and it doesn't work, then you've probably come across VideoLAN (VLC). It's a god of a media player and plays pretty much any crazy media file you can throw at it.

I've been using it as my primary player for years. Thanks to JB Kempf, François Cartegnie, Felix Paul Kühne and the whole VLC team for making sure I can always play my files.


I've already shared this one in a post before so I won't go to much into it.

Thanks to Nicke Manarin for this sweet piece of tech which I use to quickly create gifs for all my posts!

GitHub CLI

Another one I won't go into too much since I've written a tonne about it in the past. GitHub's own CLI is completely open source.

Massive thanks to Mislav for being at the forefront of this project for almost a decade! You're the best. If you want to check out our chat with Mislav, watch our interview:


If you're a Twitch streamer, you've probably wondered about the best way to monitor and record your Twitch chat. When I first started streaming I looked around for a way to save my Twitch chat. I quickly came across Chatty.

It's built on JavaScript and has heaps of Twitch-specific features like emotes, badges, dark mode, and more. Thanks to tduva for building me something to save all my amazing chatters.

Other things happening around Maintainer Week

Maintainer Week isn't just about thanking Maintainers or thinking about it, there's lots of fun things too. GitHub put together an awesome list of events happening during Maintainer Week.

GitHub logo github / maintainermonth

A month for maintainers to gather & share

GitHub Maintainer Month

A month for open source maintainers to gather, share, and be celebrated. 🥳

Repository for the official GitHub Maintainer Month website. You can access the website through this link

Add your event! See the contributing guide for details on how.

❇️ June 2022 ❇️

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Getting Started


Run the following command before any other to install all the project's dependencies.

yarn install


To start application in development mode at http://localhost:3000 run the following command.

yarn start


To generate the application build run the following command

yarn build

This will create an out folder in the repository root with the static files.


See the contributing guide for more details.

Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you…

There's a few live streams occurring around the internet. GitHub has its own Maintainer Summit, and Changelog is even giving Maintainers free t-shirts. All you need to do is thank a Maintainer and tag Changelog on Twitter.

Check out the repo for more info and ways to celebrate Maintainer Week. I'll be back next week sharing another five awesome open source projects and their Maintainers.

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