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[Road to Job] #4 Change of Plans

I want to start with 2 sayings...
1) Necessity is the mother of invention.
2) Be water my friends.

I have changed my focus slightly after realizing what I wanted to use coding for. I didn't get into coding because I wanted to get a was to create my ideas and getting a job is just an added benefit;)

If you look at earlier posts in this series, you will see that I was quite focused on Java. Well...I started going down Java and realized that it simply wasn't the best for what I wanted to do. Thus, I have put a pause on Java once I started learning Spring.

Why I am putting Java on pause

Java was a good language that really teaches you the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming. However, no one ever uses it in hackathons and Java is mostly used on large and old code bases like at banks. I think it is important to learn the fundamentals of it and I do not regret starting with it as I will still need to use it when I get into the Data Structures and Algorithms part of my learning plan. However, there is simply better options for someone like me who wants to build things in 2021.

So what am I learning?

Let me save you the reading.

2) JavaScript
3) Python
4) Flutter

Why those 4?

As I get more and more into coding and do more and more hackathons...1,2,and 3 is what I see to be the most used and relevant. Mainly, it is what I need to learn if I want to be able to build full stack applications.

I am also learning Flutter because I believe it is the future of cross platform development. As of writing, Flutter 2.0 just came out and it just confirms my belief. I'll make a post about Flutter another time.


Necessity is the mother of invention and it truly is the case for me. I had some things I wanted to make and to do it, I had to shift focus and learn the things I need to make it.

I say be like water because tech is always changing. New languages and frameworks will come out and as developers we need to be able to adapt much like water can adapt to any container it goes into.

Happy coding gang!
-Dev of Myth

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