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[Road to Job] #2 Learning Roadmap


I will try my best to keep these short and sweet because no one wants to read an essay😅

After much research(aka scouring reddit) I have determined my plan of action to learn to code and become a Full Stack Developer.

For me, I like to have some structure to my learning and I also like to build strong foundations because I believe knowledge is built like a pyramid.

The Plan

Firstly, I have already spent way too much money on an EE degree and I was looking for the best way to learn for FREE.

1) First Language

For the record, I had learned C as my first language so I did have a good base to jump off from. However, through much research, I found that Javascript was the key language in the web, Python was a popular language that way easy to learn and Java was the best to start with because it will teach you Object Oriented Programming as well as give you a strong understanding of the basics. Also, it is a great general purpose language that can be used in Android, Web and Desktop apps. Lastly, I picked Java because 2 temporarily free courses were taught in Java(you will see below).

2) Codecademy

I started with completing the free Java track but I would not recommend wasting time doing that...maybe the paid is better...but I wouldn't know😋

3) Java Programming 1 and 2 MOOC


Found this through reddit and it was highly recommended everywhere you look....and for good reason too! I am currently on Part 5 and I find it absolutely amazing to learn Java inside out and get you off to a good start.

4) Algorithms and Data Structures

Algorithms, Part I -

Algorithms, Part II -

Taught by Princeton University and FREE until December 31st to enroll!
They also have some other courses that is free because of COVID so check it out!

5) Jetbrains Academy for Projects

Now everyone says practice is the most important and I was fortunate enough to sign up for this back when they had the free ends at the end of 2020 unfortunately😭

However, they essentially teach you the topics you need to do a project and break the project into parts. Basically, it is project based learning for Java, Python and Javascript, etc.

So I will be using it to practice with projects.

6) Spring and Spring Boot

If you are using Java and interested in building web apps, you have heard of Spring. The best way I found to learn this must of a framework is:

7) Databases

SQL is another must learn thing as a developer when working with Databases and I found another great course to learn this on udemy:

8) Now to learn the WEB

At this point, I hope to have some strong foundations in coding but need to learn the web! Mainly the holy grail of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Some things you might have heard are things like React, Angular, Node, etc. So many things to learn! Where to start?

I was thinking of a bootcamp but then I found 2 great FREE, self learning programs so I figure I'll give them a shot.

Learn the basics of the internet, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Learn React, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, GraphQL, TypeScript, REST APIs, etc.

9) Coding Bootcamp

If I complete all of the above and have a difficult time finding a job...I figure I will jump into a coding bootcamp to build my skills further but MAINLY to expand my network as many bootcamps have connections with companies in the local area to help me get my start.

Your network is your net worth as they say.

NOTE: I have done a lot of research into that for my local area as well so I'll make a post about my findings and which school I would choose in a later post.


I hope you get something out of this learning path and if you have any recommendations to adjust this path, I would LOVE to hear it!
All love and all positivity to anyone who is on this journey as well.

Let's get to work.
Dev of Myth

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