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Developer. Life. Work. Pet. Balance

mittalyashu profile image Yashu Mittal ・1 min read

No doubt you are a developer, that's why you are here. πŸ˜‚


If you have a pet animal, how do you keep a balance between your life/work/pet.

My story

I have a pet dog 🐢 name "GUGU" (he is quite naught) and I am still struggling in keeping a balance between life/work/pet.

Playlist: Gugu | A Dog

What about you?


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I'd imagine that Gugu could really help work-life balance by the way that he forces you to consistently get out of the house and go for walks. Only a good thing.

Gugu will probably be easier to deal with once he's older, eh?


Going for a walk is a good thing.

Gugu will probably be easier to deal with once he's older, eh?

Well, I doubt it. I know him very well and by looking at his habits I don't think so... (rest you understand) πŸ˜‚


I have two siberian huskies.

They keep me out of the house (since I work from home), physically active (they have a lot of energy) and helps me socialize with strangers since they're rare where I live and quite cute.

They actually help me keep balance between work and life. Granted they occupy most of the life part of my day, it's been awesome.


No doubt, dogs are full of energy.

But when I go out with my dog he (GUGU) immediately start run after everyone which makes hard to socialize with strangers.


Well that sucks :D

I was able to socialize mine early (with humans), but one is very anxious around other dogs, so it's hard to socialize with other dog owners.


My cat bites my mouse hand if I don't play with him, so that keeps me off the computer a bit πŸ˜†