List of git software management platform

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Software management platform (git)

  1. GitHub
  2. GitLab
  3. BitBucket
  4. Gitote
  5. Codebase
  6. Gogs
  7. Kallithea
  8. SourceForge
  9. Git-Web
  10. Gitea
  11. Tuleap

Do you know software management platform which is not mentioned in this list? Comment below.

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Thanks for your suggestion, but I am creating a list for code hosting platforms.


Tuleap has builtin support for many code versioning system including git & svn.


Gitea (self-hosted), Gogs (self-hosted), Kallithea (self-hosted), [i]git-web/i, SourceForge (yes, they also have Git today)...

Or just use a different VCS.


Thanks, I have append your suggestion to the list.

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