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Unlimited free private repos | GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab

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As you might hear that GitHub had recently changed their pricing model, which include an unlimited private repository for free.

I know how do you feel like...

Man dancing

It was the same experience for me, but hang on there's a catch you only get 3 contributors in private repository for free. 😂

Anyway, this article is not about GitHub pricing, instead, it is about the business itself, how does it impact other competitors (GitLab, BitBucket and many more).


GitHub is already a leading player in open source world, with 20 million repositories and still counting. For the first time, developers can use GitHub for their private projects with up to three collaborators per repository for free. Many developers want to use private repos to work on a side project or try something out in private before releasing it publicly encouraging more and more developer to participate in open source work.

According to their latest blog, it is clear that Microsoft's end goal is to re-direct the GitHub users to use their Azure services.

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Even thought GitLab is from the same background but still it has a unique way of doing work remotely and opens sourcing the knowledge and guidelines in the form of handbook they follow to run the company.

Even though recently surpassed 10 million repository and organizations like Drupal, CMake, GNOME, Xorg, Debian are using self-hosted version of GitLab.

When people hear the buzz of GitHub providing unlimited private repository in a free plan they were still not convinced as GitLab still wins by providing CI and deployment feature for free.

Even at CodeCarrot we use GitLab to build products for our clients.


BitBucket is popular for providing unlimited private repository and pipelines feature for free. Comparing with GitLab, I would say GitLab still wins as BitBucket only provide 50 mins/mo of build minutes whereas GitLab provides 2,000 mins/mo on shared runners.

If you into self-hosting you might find better deal with one time payment.

I am still unaware of the number of repository store.

What do you say about it? Which one do you prefer to use GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab?


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IMO, Azure DevOps stands out comparing to them. It has cicd support , unlimited private repo, azure board and load testing. :)

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Shawinder Sekhon
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This sounds like, GitHub partnered with BitBucket 🤣