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Manuele J Sarfatti
EU 🇪🇺 | Art, Tech & Good Vibrations 🤳 | Founder of ᴛᴏᴍᴏʀʀᴏᴡ 🌞 • Just started working on a new endeavour 👉 • Follow me on Twitter!
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Is there any "pure designer", or "designer who codes" in this community?
Emphasis on the "designer" part (I know there are many "coders who design").

I'd like to (virtually) meet you! Please comment or DM me on twitter (@mjsarfatti ), I'd like to learn more about your interests and challenges when having to relate to code, or even coding yourself.

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Shannon Crabill


I majored in graphic design, thought I would be a cool packaging designer or something, but I ended learning to code to stay competitive.

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Manuele J Sarfatti Author


Have you always kind of just understood coding? Or did you have a moment when something kind of "clicked"?

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Shannon Crabill

I didn't get it when I learned it in college.

It wasn't a focus and the teaching was not the best. It clicked when I had to build a portfolio site to graduate, which I cobbled together by taking apart the website templates that came with Dreamweaver. It started to click then. It clicked more when I started working on Code School and Code Academy lessons after I graduated.

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